Electrosoft Kenya Ltd

Bringing a world of possibilities to you, So you can live smart!

Since 2014, Electrosoft Ltd has evolved to become the company that takes care of your water, sanitation and smart home solutions for a productive and efficient lifestyle. Electrosoft focuses on three key areas , water, sanitation and home environment solutions with a technology driven approach to ensure durable products and quality service.

Electrosoft Brands include Sanifent for all your sanitary-ware requirements & Smartify for intelligent water utility management. Our commitment is to open a world of possibilities through our products and services, to guarantee a fun even at the simplest of activities like hand washing, convenience at your kitchen or bathroom, water efficiency for your lavatory and productivity in every activity within your home.

To bring all the convenience you need, our online shop provides an all-round shopping experience you need at the tap of your fingers. We bandle all our sales, installation and post sales support to ensure your convenience and value is guaranteed.